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SmartAuthoring specialises in creating the following
types of documents:

» Online Help
» User Guides
» Quick Start Guides
» Administration / Set Up Guides
» E-Learning Packages
» Training Courses
» Business Processes and Procedures

How we work
At SmartAuthoring we have 10 years experiece of managing technical authoring projects. We are confident that by following the procedure outlined below, we can deliver quality documentation in a timely manner and at a competitive price.

1. Assess Documentatinon Project Requirements 
The first step of any project is to assess the customer's requirements. During this process SmartAuthoring will gather as much information as possible about the documentation needs of the organisation. This process will be thorough and will involve assessing the needs of end users, how your product is designed to be used and how existing documentation will fit into the new framework.

2. Documentation Solution Design
Having established the project requirements, SmartAuthoring will design a solution to meet the individual needs of your organisation. The proposed solution will take into account any constraints that have been placed on the project, for example time, budget and company style sheets.

3. Documentation Production
Once all parties are satisfied with the proposed solution, SmartAuthoring's technical author will start work on the documentation. Throughout the production phase communication between the technical author and subject matter experts at your organisation will be essential and frequent. During documentation production it is essential that the technical writer has access to the product, training and expert technical assistance.

4. Project Delivery
Once all parties are satisfied with the documentation solution, SmartAuthoring will arrange for the transfer of the project source files and completed documentation to the customer. If required a copy of the source files can be retained by SmartAuthoring for use in the future. 

5. Follow-Up Consultation
Once a project has been completed SmartAuthoring will carry out a follow-up consultation with the customer to ensure that the documentation solution fulfils the customer's requirements as defined during the initial assessment phase. 

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